Thursday, May 19, 2005

You are a major player of corruption!

It’s very well known in some third world countries that government employees don’t work much, if not at all.

Most of what they do is nothing but hanging out with their own co-workers and drink milk with tea and eat ground beef sandwiches.

That’s why it would take you forever if have to go though a government agency, unless you have a connection.

And because there is no such thing as a free lunch, your connection is not for free.

A pay-back is expected. Usually the price is finding that person a connection for another government agency.

That’s why connections and corruption are all linked together and deeply rooted in the entire structure.

Story: How ironic!!

I told a friend that I have to go through a government agency to get some paperwork done. I mentioned to him it might take 2 weeks or more. “No way”, he shouted loudly. I asked him why?

He said the people in that agency are friendly and very helpful to their customers.

He tried to prove it to me by mentioning what happened to him when he went through them.

He said I went to their offices . They helped me very quickly and, in addition to that, I sat with them and had some chai tea.

I said that’s why it takes them forever to get other people’s paperwork done. “Because they sit down and drink chai tea with their customers and co-workers, instead of truly working”!!!!

You see the irony!!!

We , the average people, unintentionally play a huge role in furthering the backwardness and corruption of this already backward structure.

We ourselves are sick and tired of it, yet we are its major players.

Why? Because that’s deeply rooted in our own culture.

We don’t distinguish between personal and professional/business matters!!

We get them all mixed up just like a nice delicious food, called Hareesa!!!

So, is this the main problem or is it part of a bigger problem??
((coming soon))


At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


That was a good start.
First of all sometimes it happens with no previous intention.
However as you said they are not working at that moment. Moreover they think that "they are helping the customer or making communication"!!!

For the time being, I think the best way to reduce these unnecessary times is to use online requests and things like that. By doing that the officers will not be able to see their customer and have Chai with them!.


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Ridha Abbas said...


A very good observation, boiling down to "We don’t distinguish between personal and professional/business matters!! "
Similar to other observations of yours, you stated it clearly, but in an angry tone. What do you think of writing it in Arabic (for an important audience) in a more "sneeky" tone (for persuasiveness)?
Hope to read the follow up.


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