Friday, May 20, 2005

Rob People Legaly (the trick behind mail in rebate)

As you might know, there are zillions of legal ways to rob people.

One of them is mail in rebate.

Make people's lives so complicated so they would give up and leave their money!

That's one trick behind it!

What's the difference between steeling 100 bucks from your pocket

and tricking you so you would give up a 100 bucks!

One is illegal and the other is entirely legal!

More than 90% of consumers don't get back their mail in rebate refunds..

either because they forget or they don't want to complicate their lives by filing one!

They are tricked..They believe this is extra..and the price that gets stuck in their minds is the one with the mail in rebate, which they did not get!!!

How tricky!!

That's what you get if money is given more priority than ethics!!

No wonder why Enron collapssed!!

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