Monday, February 07, 2005

Boy...Time...Time ...Time!!!

Life goes very fast! How fast does it go? Well it depends on the way perceive it. Time is the same wherever you go in this spheroid that is called planet Earth. The fact that time goes very fast or very slow is only a matter of impressions and feelings.

Productivity plays a role in influencing our feelings of the speed of time. The more you get done, the more free time you have left to do more. The more you could get done in one single minute, the more you really appreciate every minute. And vice versa, namely the less you get done in a minute, the more useless you would perceive it.

It is interesting to notice that people who care much about time are the ones who really take advantage of every single second of it. They are the ones that truly appreciate it. It is rather logical and natural to develop such appreciation. Correlating one thing to other things is one way to realize its value.

Here is an analogy. We know that a dollar can buy us a bottle of soda. We know that ten dollars can buy us, say two or three subs. We tend to neglect pocket change because it does not buy much. We realize how much a dollar is because we know how much products or services it is equivalent to.

A person to whom a minute is nothing but a pocket change would not appreciate every minute as a person to whom a minute is more than that. How much one could take advantage of every minute (productivity) plays a very big role in determining one's appreciation of time.

I heard this story from a friend. A person came to a Greek philosopher (Plato maybe) and asked him: "How did you become a great philosopher?" The person who asked was a very well known drunkard. The philosopher replied: "because I have burned as much lantern fuel studing at nights as the amount of alcohol you have consumed."

Indeed, the way we spend our time significantly affects who we become. Time, seonds and minutes have to do with everything we do. Depending on how much we appreciate this asset and how much we utilize it, we become either a Plato or an errant drunkard.


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