Saturday, February 12, 2005

Are You Insane?!!

Are you sane? How do you know you are sane? How sane is sane? How insane is insane? Could you be sane but with a little insanity?

Talking about insanity is extremely important since we can't understand sanity without talking about its opposite. Insanity is an important part of this world, an important part of life and existence. Failing to understand it could lead to fundamental problems in our understanding of life itself.

Insanity is defined as the detachment of reality. An insane person is a person that is partially or completely detached from reality. He/she believes in delusions that are simply false. Voices and other kinds of delusions control that person and detach him/her from reality.

An insane person believes in these voices that tell him to do certain things and he would obey them. In fact, he would say: "I can hear them. I know they are real". So to him it is real but not to you if you are sane.

So, how do we know that these delusions they hear are false? We know that different people have different abilities to understand reality. Could it be the case that those delusions might be true, or at least partially true? How can we distinguish what is real from what is not real?

The answer to this question is: we could know reality only by "reason", by using our "minds". Because you can prove, using reason, to that insane person that what he believes in does not exist or simply false, you know reality.

Reality is known only through reason and it is what distinguishes the sane from the insane! So, if we don’t use this faculty, we are essentially insane!!!!


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