Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ladies: Extreme fanatical obsession!!!

I went to a place.

The place had teller windows just like banks.

It was my turn.

I went to next available window.

There was a lady behind it.

She looked in her forties.

She acted aristocratically.

I saw all sorts of skin creams, make up, maybe facial soap..and some stuff I don’t know what the hell they were!

All this stuff was placed in front of her monitor.

Her desktop looked like a bathroom sink top!

“Extreme fanatical obsession” with the way they look!

Is this normal?

Imagine you have a wife just like that!

Boy, wouldn't that make life extremely complicated???!!!

Why do we feel useless??

Have you ever felt useless before?

You can’t go to sleep , neither can you do anything else at all.

You feel useless, totally unproductive.

Especially in weekends!

Why does this happen? How do we overcome it?

I think you really appreciate being productive if you go through this useless phenomena.

You would totally understand that being productive is GREAT!! Feels great…totally great!

So, it’s not totally bad to go thought this useless feeling.

How do we minimize its length?

I don’t know!

Maybe the longer it is, the more you appreciate its opposite! Really?!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Rob People Legaly (the trick behind mail in rebate)

As you might know, there are zillions of legal ways to rob people.

One of them is mail in rebate.

Make people's lives so complicated so they would give up and leave their money!

That's one trick behind it!

What's the difference between steeling 100 bucks from your pocket

and tricking you so you would give up a 100 bucks!

One is illegal and the other is entirely legal!

More than 90% of consumers don't get back their mail in rebate refunds..

either because they forget or they don't want to complicate their lives by filing one!

They are tricked..They believe this is extra..and the price that gets stuck in their minds is the one with the mail in rebate, which they did not get!!!

How tricky!!

That's what you get if money is given more priority than ethics!!

No wonder why Enron collapssed!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Fist Landing on His Bateekha!!

When you sell your car, you have to find another way of transportation.

The wonderful “bicycle” was my choice.

Man, how interesting!

You ride it to a place a mile away. It takes you maybe 10-15 minutes depending on how fast you could cross the intersections!

You arrive to the place safely but a little tired!

You try to take breath so you could talk like a regular human!

You do what you need to do!

But what really sucks is this!!

When the cashier tells you, “we can’t do this here… you can go just to that place which is around the corner!”

Well..around the corner to him is one entire mile and a half!

Poor him!

He does not know you are riding the most environmentally friendly means of transportation!

Otherwise he would expect a very big fist landing on his bateekha!!

You are a major player of corruption!

It’s very well known in some third world countries that government employees don’t work much, if not at all.

Most of what they do is nothing but hanging out with their own co-workers and drink milk with tea and eat ground beef sandwiches.

That’s why it would take you forever if have to go though a government agency, unless you have a connection.

And because there is no such thing as a free lunch, your connection is not for free.

A pay-back is expected. Usually the price is finding that person a connection for another government agency.

That’s why connections and corruption are all linked together and deeply rooted in the entire structure.

Story: How ironic!!

I told a friend that I have to go through a government agency to get some paperwork done. I mentioned to him it might take 2 weeks or more. “No way”, he shouted loudly. I asked him why?

He said the people in that agency are friendly and very helpful to their customers.

He tried to prove it to me by mentioning what happened to him when he went through them.

He said I went to their offices . They helped me very quickly and, in addition to that, I sat with them and had some chai tea.

I said that’s why it takes them forever to get other people’s paperwork done. “Because they sit down and drink chai tea with their customers and co-workers, instead of truly working”!!!!

You see the irony!!!

We , the average people, unintentionally play a huge role in furthering the backwardness and corruption of this already backward structure.

We ourselves are sick and tired of it, yet we are its major players.

Why? Because that’s deeply rooted in our own culture.

We don’t distinguish between personal and professional/business matters!!

We get them all mixed up just like a nice delicious food, called Hareesa!!!

So, is this the main problem or is it part of a bigger problem??
((coming soon))

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Are You Insane?!!

Are you sane? How do you know you are sane? How sane is sane? How insane is insane? Could you be sane but with a little insanity?

Talking about insanity is extremely important since we can't understand sanity without talking about its opposite. Insanity is an important part of this world, an important part of life and existence. Failing to understand it could lead to fundamental problems in our understanding of life itself.

Insanity is defined as the detachment of reality. An insane person is a person that is partially or completely detached from reality. He/she believes in delusions that are simply false. Voices and other kinds of delusions control that person and detach him/her from reality.

An insane person believes in these voices that tell him to do certain things and he would obey them. In fact, he would say: "I can hear them. I know they are real". So to him it is real but not to you if you are sane.

So, how do we know that these delusions they hear are false? We know that different people have different abilities to understand reality. Could it be the case that those delusions might be true, or at least partially true? How can we distinguish what is real from what is not real?

The answer to this question is: we could know reality only by "reason", by using our "minds". Because you can prove, using reason, to that insane person that what he believes in does not exist or simply false, you know reality.

Reality is known only through reason and it is what distinguishes the sane from the insane! So, if we don’t use this faculty, we are essentially insane!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Using The Homless For Advertising!!!!

Check this out for yourself!

A Dream!

Hey! Wake up! Happiness Is Fake?!!!

I had a very interesting conversation, the other day, with a friend who is a physician. His background is more in psychology since he majored in it in his undergraduate degree.

We started talking about a quote by Ummar Al-Khayam. The quote praises drinking and ultimately hedonism, for life has no purpose. The conversation somehow shifted, then, and we ended up talking about his depressed patients and the antidepressants they take. He said that the brain of a depressed person does not function properly, so antidepressants help take it back to normal. Part of what they do is to stimulate the brain and trigger happiness. The patient then would feel happy…happy... haaaaappy.

Well, here is the thing: If happiness could be triggered by chemicals (drugs) that one could take, what is happiness, then? What exactly is happiness? Is it an artificial feeling? Is it real? Is it fake?

Those are very important questions since they have to do with our fundamental understating of life and the real world that surrounds us.

To be honest, we did talk about some technical details and some other important topics that are related to it, yet we did not directly answer these questions. We did circle around the answer but we were not quiet there.

My doctor friend noted that this feeling of happiness that is triggered by drugs is only temporary. After their effect is gone, you're back to the harsh reality. I completely concurred with him on this. But could a substance that constantly stimulates one's brain and constantly triggers happiness exist? There could be, and science might suprise us one day with such a substance.

He noted, too, that if you give these antidepressants to a normal person, they are not likely to affect him/her. But we know that there are other substances that could affect even normal people.

Contentment and happiness are two different concepts, he noted. You can be content yet sad. The example he gave was: the loss of a beloved person. When you lose him/her, you could be content of what has happened yet sad (not happy). I think this is a good point, yet we're still circulating around the answer.

“What exactly is happiness?”… A question I need think about and ultimatly seek the answer for!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I really don't like the word Blog

interesting observation indeed!
I really don't like the word Blog

Monday, February 07, 2005

Boy...Time...Time ...Time!!!

Life goes very fast! How fast does it go? Well it depends on the way perceive it. Time is the same wherever you go in this spheroid that is called planet Earth. The fact that time goes very fast or very slow is only a matter of impressions and feelings.

Productivity plays a role in influencing our feelings of the speed of time. The more you get done, the more free time you have left to do more. The more you could get done in one single minute, the more you really appreciate every minute. And vice versa, namely the less you get done in a minute, the more useless you would perceive it.

It is interesting to notice that people who care much about time are the ones who really take advantage of every single second of it. They are the ones that truly appreciate it. It is rather logical and natural to develop such appreciation. Correlating one thing to other things is one way to realize its value.

Here is an analogy. We know that a dollar can buy us a bottle of soda. We know that ten dollars can buy us, say two or three subs. We tend to neglect pocket change because it does not buy much. We realize how much a dollar is because we know how much products or services it is equivalent to.

A person to whom a minute is nothing but a pocket change would not appreciate every minute as a person to whom a minute is more than that. How much one could take advantage of every minute (productivity) plays a very big role in determining one's appreciation of time.

I heard this story from a friend. A person came to a Greek philosopher (Plato maybe) and asked him: "How did you become a great philosopher?" The person who asked was a very well known drunkard. The philosopher replied: "because I have burned as much lantern fuel studing at nights as the amount of alcohol you have consumed."

Indeed, the way we spend our time significantly affects who we become. Time, seonds and minutes have to do with everything we do. Depending on how much we appreciate this asset and how much we utilize it, we become either a Plato or an errant drunkard.

Writing = Meditation

Who reads blogs? Nobody does! This is a very well established fact!

Keeping this in mind, this blog is intended to be more for the writer than for the reader.

I write because I want to think. I write, so I could contemplate. I write, so I could meditate. I write, so I could take a journey from a spheroid to another spheroid of separate thoughts; a journey from a cluster of spheroids of relevant thoughts to even a number of spheroids merged together in one entity of reality. That is the best journey ever to be taken because it is driven by nothing but the pure innate character of human beings that is called curiosity, which is a vehicle that take us to progression.

Meditation, contemplation, conception and simple thinking can be all achieved through writing. That is why I am writing.